android based smartphone makers are all run by retards

ok, "retard" isn't politically correct but it helps make my point. i'll say it again: the chief executives of Motorola, Xiaomi, One Plus, LG, Huawei, HTC, Meizu, and many others, are all fucking retarded. stupid. idiots. mouthbreathers. none should be in charge of wiping their own asses, much less in charge of multinational corporations. now,... Continue Reading →


iOS 7 Beta 4 Showing Much Improvement

the freshly released Beta 4 update to the iOS 7 program has brought a few new bugs along the way, one being an especially annoying one that's killed inline remote control for most non-Apple headsets. however, this is a simple issue and the positives far outweigh the negatives. Beta 4 has seemingly reined in previous... Continue Reading →

Who cares about ITC ban on iPhone 4?

Certainly, Apple could care less about the ITC ban on the iPhone 4, iPad 2 based on their recent ruling in favor of Samsung.Giga Om recently published that Verizon's president is calling on his White House connections to override the Aug 5th start date of the punishment phase.So, why do i say this? Because Apple... Continue Reading →

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