popularity of the apple watch will reveal the fatal flaw of any smartwatch

ever been the victim of a bad date and watched the person seated across from you constantly check their watch as time slows to a crawl and neither of you are willing to just throw in the towel and leave? ok, maybe you never experienced this firsthand if you're under 30 years old, but i'm... Continue Reading →


iOS 7 Beta 4 Showing Much Improvement

the freshly released Beta 4 update to the iOS 7 program has brought a few new bugs along the way, one being an especially annoying one that's killed inline remote control for most non-Apple headsets. however, this is a simple issue and the positives far outweigh the negatives. Beta 4 has seemingly reined in previous... Continue Reading →

DRO Concepts is now ShiftCases

Some may be familiar with my previous experience with DRO Concepts. Their cases were absolute crap that damaged my device and despite accepting my returned case, still haven't refunded my money and refuse to take my calls or emails. if you've ever been victimized by them, i truly feel for you and all can empathize.... Continue Reading →

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