A Little “Me” Time… Photography

I’ve always been interested in photography but never had the patience to learn the basics. when i was in my pre-teens, my father bought a Canon AE-1 for himself based on the recommendation of my uncle. he just wanted a quality camera to take family photos. mind you, this was back in the 80’s, nearly […]

(nearly) a year with Apple Watch

it’s been nearly a year since I received my preordered Apple Watch and here’s what I’ve observed.  I’ve worn it almost daily, which I haven’t done since I was in the military as use of a wrist watch became superfluous with the ubiquitous cellphone. it’s even gotten me interested in wristwatches as I’ve caught myself […]

android based smartphone makers are all run by retards

ok, “retard” isn’t politically correct but it helps make my point. i’ll say it again: the chief executives of Motorola, Xiaomi, One Plus, LG, Huawei, HTC, Meizu, and many others, are all fucking retarded. stupid. idiots. mouthbreathers. none should be in charge of wiping their own asses, much less in charge of multinational corporations. now, […]

net neutrality, dumb pipes, broadband access, title II legislation and the FCC

here’s the issue: your broadband internet providers are opposing, vehemently, that broadband internet access not just conform to basic net neutrality standards, but be placed under title II FCC legislation to enforce those standards. basically, title II would mandate that internet access in America be regulated as a utilities, just like power, water and telephone. […]